Post: Manchester City will offer £ 20 million for Sanchez in January
Time: 2017-09-08 09:12 | Author: Football Emperor | Source: Network

The Daily Mail reports that Manchester City will quote Sanchez again in January next year, but the amount is only £ 20 million.

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Sanchez had the opportunity to join Manchester City with 60 million pounds before the transfer window was closed, but because Arsenal failed to sign his successor, they quoted 92 million for Lemar The pound was rejected, and Sanchez\’s transfer was blown. The contract between Sanchez and Arsenal has entered the last year. In January of next year, he can contact other teams freely. He may reunite with Gua Shuai in Manchester City.

阿森纳的管理层和球员都对桑切斯的乱局感到厌烦,而智利队在周二0-1负于玻利维亚,进军世界杯前途渺茫。 On Saturday\’s Arsenal and Bermmouth, Sanchez will be expected to start on behalf of Arsenal. Arsenal can no longer be lost in this game. If you lose 3 games in 4 rounds, Wenger\’s handsome position will be unstable.

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